Saturday, April 21, 2018

3:00 p.m.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church
313 2nd Street NE
Washington, DC 20002

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Please arrive to the church no later than 2:45 p.m.

Union Station (red line) is the closest metro station to the church. 
Parking is available in the Senate parking lot across the street, but we
encourage you to Taxi/Uber/Lyft. Parking is limited at the reception venue.



5:00 P.M.

cocktails followed by dinner and celebration

District Winery
385 Water Street SE
Washington, DC 20003

Attire: Formal

Dietary Restrictions? Please let us know by March 15.

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Navy Yard (green line) is the closest metro station to the venue.
There is a public parking lot next to the venue at
the corner of 4th Street and Water Street SE. 
We encourage you to Taxi/Uber/Lyft. 


Join the newlyweds for light brunch and coffee
in the Truman Suite at the Capital Hilton Hotel

10:30 A.M - 12 P.M
1001 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036


Our People



Gabriella Decker

Elizabeth and Gabriella have been nearly inseparable since, well, the day Gabriella was born. Their adventures together could fill a book, and then some. There were the two weeks they spent in East Africa; the floor section tickets to a sold-out Taylor Swift show; the time a rental car got stuck in the sand on a Puerto Rico beach; and The Moth. If you're up for random adventures and stories that will make you laugh until you cry, this is your gal.



adam banes

Adam is one of Erik’s oldest friends and first met when they both joined Boy Scouts. Throughout the years, Adam and Erik have traveled together on countless road trips, camping trips, summer camps, and even survived a week-long canoe trip in Quetico (Canadian wilderness). Adam is also afraid of bears.


M&A Banes Wedding_September 2015-0937 (2).jpg


Noor qaragholi

Noor was 2 1/2 and Elizabeth was a day over three when fate brought them together on the Polk playground. From holidays to snow days, and ballet to sleepovers spent watching Disney movies, these two were inseparable. Even after the Deckers moved to Charlottesville and later San Diego, they kept in touch. Elizabeth flew back to DC to celebrate her 17th birthday and go to Junior Prom, they went to the Foxfield Races in college, and Elizabeth and Gabriella recently visited Noor in her new home, New Orleans. 


chris garvis

Chris is also one of Erik’s oldest friends.  He, along with Adam Banes, were best friends in Boy Scouts and have been ever since. Erik’s first interaction with Chris is especially memorable. He was at summer camp and came back to his bunk bed to find Chris trying to light his sleeping bag on fire (nothing personal, just a fellow scout playing with fire). Erik’s young political instincts kicked in, and he realized Chris was a better friend than enemy. They have been close ever since. 




ginger reed

Elizabeth, Ginger, and Rene met at George Washington University in 2005 after Elizabeth joined Alpha Delta Pi. When they were floor-mates in the sorority house the following year they became fast friends, and Ginger became the big sister Elizabeth never had. These two are always down for a large glass of wine, cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies, and a SoulCycle class when they're together. Ginger lives in Austin with her husband Steve and runs her own equine acupuncture business (how cool is that?!).


dillon nestadt

Dillon is Erik’s closest friend from college. Dillon was a couple years older than Erik when they met in an elective psychology class. Dillon nicknamed Erik “freshman” and then invited the socially awkward freshman to hang out with him. Dillon and Erik share a deep appreciation for music, and their favorite pastimes are going to music concerts and festivals. They also sat through three hurricanes in Florida together one semester. 




Rene Utianski

Elizabeth met Rene the same day she met Ginger. It was Bid Day 2005, in the living room of the ADPi townhouse. Rene, the other older sister Elizabeth never had, brings out her silly side. Rene's smile and laughter are contagious, and favorite memories are ridiculously random and silly, and usually involve laughing until it hurts. Since graduation, the three have traveled across the country for girls weekends, wine tasting in Napa, half marathons, and Thanksgivings in Austin. Rene lives in Minnesota with her husband Chris and is a Speech-Language Pathologist at Mayo Clinic.


jon jacobs

Jon is Erik’s friend from law school.  Jon and Erik share a lot of common interests, like camping, golf (recently) and Thursday Prime Rib night at The Liberty Tree. Jon is also notably the current reigning champion of the classic dice game “Pass the Pigs” in our group of friends.  Jon and his wife, Suzie, share Erik and Liz’s passion for Sunday Night Game of Thrones.




kathryn corbin

Kathryn is a close friend of both the bride and groom. She is one of Erik's oldest friends from his Capitol Hill days, and became friends with Elizabeth after summers spent playing on the Channel 4 softball team. Elizabeth and Kathryn bonded over running races in the DC area and camping on the beach on Assateague during a hurricane. They now look forward to garden party dinners in Gabriella's backyard, and always love a squad night at home or out on the town. 

Drew Howell

Drew, also known to some as “hot pants,” is Erik’s friend from law school. Erik and Drew got to know each other as moot court teammates, and Erik debuted as a pretend “Dr. Swan” (expert witness) in Drew’s trial advocacy class. Erik worked tirelessly with Liz to memorize the script, but during cross-examination, Erik forgot that he (Dr. Swan) had been previously deposed, and almost embarrassed Drew. Drew managed to save the day during re-direct. (That's Drew with the award)